7 Instagrammable Places in Baguio

Without a doubt, Baguio is such a beautiful place. It is a favorite destination not just to escape the scorching heat but also there are a lot of places in Baguio that is worth visiting. If you are someone who’s fond of taking a lot of pictures and enjoy sharing them on social media (on Instagram to be more specific), then here’s a list of some of Baguio’s Instagram worthy destinations.

1. Baguio City Orchidarium

Just beside Burnham Park, Orchidarium showcases different variety of plants and flowers. You will find yourself snapping pictures here and there. Just be mindful, because some stalls prohibit taking pictures while other stalls require you to pay a minimal fee for unlimited shots of their plants. We paid 5 pesos to take unlimited photos in one of the stalls in Orchidarium.


orchidarium plant
not edible pink pineapple
flowers in full bloom


2. Burnham Park

Burnham Park is the most popular park in Baguio. One cannot visit Baguio City without including this park in their itinerary. Picnics in the park grounds, renting a bike, and riding a boating are some of the activities that are best spent with your friends and loved ones. Burnham Park is a place to create good memories, not to mention Instagram-worthy too.

burnham lake
Boating. More fun in Baguio City.
burnham park-baguio
colorful bikes
Mermaid boats
“You can’t be sad while riding a bicycle.” Agree.

3. Strawberry Farm

If strawberry picking is not included in your bucket list, then it should be. Though a bit pricey, strawberry picking is an experience worth trying at least once in your lifetime. The Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet is also a must visit place in Baguio. Best time to visit is from November to May where the strawberries are full grown and ready for picking. Any photos with strawberries or strawberry fields are worth uploading to Instagram, right?

strawberry farm


strawberry farm ice cream
Strawberry Ice cream for the win!

4. Mines View Park

When in Mines View Park, it is hard not to take any photos. The stunning overlooking view of the mines and Cordillera mountain range, renting a native costume, posing with the friendly dogs or pink horses, or even looking at the various plants in the area will make your cell phone or camera in action in no time.

mines view


5.Horse Trail and Pink Horses

Wright Park, Mines View Park or Camp John Hay, name it, they have it. Though probably more famous among children, those pink haired horses sometimes referred to as Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj are really eye-catchy and adorable. A short ride or a souvenir shot with one of the pink horses will surely put a smile on children’s faces.


camp-john-hay-pink horsie
True happiness with these two

6. Lion’s Head

Located along Kennon Road, The Lion’s Head is known to be one of the famous landmark associated with Baguio City. Having your picture with the famous lion head is a truly a souvenir photograph worth taking.

lion head-baguio
Can you spot us in this picture?

7.Bencab Museum

Bencab Museum is considered as one of the most awesome museums in the country. It is a  four level building located along Asin Road in Tuba, mayBenguet. Entrance fee is Php 120, Php 100 for students with ID and Php 80 for PWD and senior citizens. The museum houses various and extremely good pieces of art. Even if you are not an art lover, you will still enjoy visiting this place because of the amazing artworks and breathtaking view. You will have a pleasant time taking a lot of pictures too.



bencab museum-baguio


bencab garden

bencab museum

Baguio City is one of my favorite destination. I have been there like four times already, and I will never get tired of visiting this wonderful city.  There is so much to see, so many things to do, and so many activities to try. Indeed, the beauty of this place is worth sharing for.

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