Hi, I am Min, a 30 something DIY traveler, aspiring blogger, and photographer, a self-confessed late bloomer, a daydreamer and a proud mom to a wonderful girl.

I am a Chemical Engineering graduate working full time in a male dominated industry.

During my free time, I love reading travel blogs, watching movies, editing photos or spending quality time with the family.

My love for travel started last 2012 when I discovered my wanderlust, and since then, I have been to 3 Asian countries and some local destinations. I dream of visiting South Korea (my Asian dream destination) and Prague (my ultimate dream destination) in the near future.


The Other Side of Min is a passion project blog about travel, photography, food, lifestyle and some bunch of awesomeness. This serves as my online journal where I will share my photos, travel experiences, adventures, and misadventures, or even life lessons.

Through this blog, I hope to inspire other daydreamers one blog post at a time.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at  info@theothersideofmin.com , or follow me on Social media.