Baguio Night Market at Harrison Road : What to Expect?

When we talked about Baguio, aside from strawberries, “ukay-ukay” is  word that is always associated with it. Baguio is widely known for the numerous ukay-ukay stalls in the city that sell  second hand/pre-loved/used clothes,bags, shoes or accessories  at cheaper prices.

The newest craze in town is the Baguio Night Market.  You can find Baguio Night Market at Harrison Road near Burnham Park. We just walked from Paladin Hotel going there.The right lane of Harrison is turned into an ukay ukay street from 9 in the evening  until 12 midnight. I have read that this is their government’s way to cater more tourists who are into late night thrifting and food tripping.

We arrived there early and witnessed how the streets were closed and transformed into this.


The street is jam-packed! The crowd is really crazy! In fairness, there are so many kinds of ukay ukay stuffs to choose from. Me thinks, aside from patience, your haggling skills will also be tested there.

Wagwagan galore!
Rubber shoes,anyone?


key chains
branded foot wear
stuffed toys

Baguio Night Market is not only for late night thrifting. It is also a street food haven. There are food carts and food stalls everywhere.

sopas or arroz caldo? perfect for the cold weather
I forgot the name of this street food, but it tasted delicious. It has japchae noodles inside.
street foods
buttered corn or binatog?
Sorry kuya for this stolen shot, but this picture makes me really hungry

I had a difficult time taking pictures because of the crowd. If you will be going there, it is best not to bring your camera or any valuables for that matter.Be wary of your things all the time. I heard there are pick pockets roaming around the place. Also, it is not advisable to bring small children with you. There’s a tendency they might get lost in the crowd.

For the love of food, I might consider going back to the Night Market. The different choices of street foods, I like. Other than that, I don’t think I will be going back. The place is just too crowded for me. I don’t have the patience to practice my bargain hunting skills with so many people around.Nevertheless, I  was able to score a beige cardigan and a top for my mother for only Php 35 each amidst the crowd.

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