Activities to Try in Camp John Hay, Baguio

On our second day in Baguio, after dropping our bags at the hotel, we rode a taxi going to Camp John Hay. The reason why I included Camp John Hay in our itinerary is to try  the Superman Ride in the Tree Top Adventure. Unfortunately, it was already closed when we went there. The  queue was cut earlier than the usual schedule and we didn’t make it to their cut off time.

Not to be discouraged, we agreed to explore the place  starting with the Historical Core of Camp John Hay. The Historical Core includes the Bell House, Bell Amphitheater, Cemetery of Negativism and Liberty Loop. You need to pay a minimal entrance fee to explore the Historical Core.


First Stop – Bell House

This house used to be the vacation residence of the Commanding  General of the Philippines. The Bell House was named after General J. Franklin Bell and was transformed into a museum which shows  American colonial architecture.

Bell House camp-john-hay-baguio


camp-john-hay-baguio Bell House interior


dining room

Just outside the Bell House is the Bell Amphitheater,  a popular venue for weddings and special events.


I still remember how the Bell  Amphitheater was transformed into an outdoor reception venue full of flowers for my sister’s wedding a few years back.


Second  Stop – Cemetery of Negativism

The Cemetery of Negativism otherwise known as the Lost Cemetery is a popular attraction in Camp John Hay, made even more popular by the hit TV series Forevermore. A cemetery of some sort but with a twist. Dead people are  not buried here, instead this cemetery is a burial site for negative thoughts.





Third  Stop – Kabadjo Forest

If you want a horseback riding experience minus the crowd, then try the horseback riding adventure at Kabadjo Forest  inside Camp John Hay, which is just beside Le Monet Hotel. My daughter and my niece had a blast in their first horse riding experience especially with the cool weather and surrounding pine trees.




Just before going home, we saw  this statue of Paintball Republic, a place for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers.  I think playing in the Paintball Republic, getting down and dirty  is another activity that should not be missed on your next visit to Camp John Hay.


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