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Colmar Tropicale Day Tour : A Taste of Europe in Asia

Colmar Tropicale is a French themed resort that resembles the 16th century village in Alsace, north eastern of France, named Colmar. It is located in Berjaya Hills in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia, 2700 feet above sea level, surrounded by a tropical forest. Colmar Tropicale offers overnight accommodation and day tours and is perfect for travelers, families and nature lovers.

If you are familiar with Genting Highlands, both Colmar and Genting are highland places. However, between the two, Genting Highlands is nearer. For day tours, it is advisable to pick just one destination, either Colmar or Genting Highlands because based from reviews it is quite difficult to tour both attractions because of their location.

We chose Colmar because we wanted a unique travel experience – to see a medieval French village in Asia.


How to Get There?

colmar tropicale entrance
You can reach the resort via private car or taxi, however, choosing the latter would mean paying more because the resort is far from the city.Travel time going to the resort is 45 minutes to 1 hour from Kuala Lumpur.

Shuttle Service

For tourists who wanted a day tour in Colmar Tropicale, there is an available shuttle service from Berjaya Times Square going to the resort. However, shuttle service is limited so it is recommended to book in advance.

I scheduled our day tour in Colmar Tropicale on our second day  in Kuala Lumpur so that we have enough time to book in advance. We bought tickets at their office inside Berjaya Time Square mall located at Level 8, lot 54. Based from what I have read, the office closes at 6pm so schedule your time accordingly and book at least one day before your scheduled trip.

There are scheduled shuttle trips for you to choose from but it is advisable to get the earliest schedule to maximize your time in the resort. We chose the earliest schedule (9:30AM) going to the resort, and 4:00PM schedule going back.

This is the shuttle service going to Colmar Tropicale and the person beside the van is the driver.
colmare tropicale shuttle van

Pick up/Drop off point:

The shuttle service/van is parked near Berjaya Times Square Hotel entrance and 7 eleven store. From Bintang Warisan Hotel, we just walked going to Berjaya Times Square.

colmare tropicale shuttle

Entrance Fees

colmare tropicale tickets
Entrance Fees to the resort are as follows:(includes tour to Japanese Village and Botanical Garden)
adults : RM 13.00 (approx.Php 150)
children(4-12 yrs old) : RM 8.00 (approx. Php 92)

If you are to avail the shuttle service going to the resort, here are the fees:
Two-way ticket rate (includes tour to Japanese Village and Botanical Garden)
Adult : RM 60.00 (approx.700 pesos)
Child : RM 55.00 (approx 635 pesos)

Things To Do


Colmar Tropicale is a picturesque destination. The overall look and vibe of the resort makes you feel you are in Europe and not in Asia. The resort is really nice for picture taking because almost all corners of the resort are Instagram-worthy.

Entrance to the resort



colmar tropicale
colorful art horses



colmare tropicale
This place really makes you feel you are not in Asia.






The resort offers fun activities to beat boredom. Token prices are somewhat expensive. Still, some activities are worth trying. Kids will definitely have a blast trying the indoor and outdoor rides and other fun games.


We tried the catching the duckies game where you need to choose and catch a yellow duck to win a prize. Unfortunately, our luck runs out and we did not win any prize after many tokens and trials.





Climb the tower

The best views are always on top. Climb the watch tower to experience the stunning views of the resort.

colmar tropicale
Pang desktop wallpaper.
colmar tropicale
16th century acrhitecture and design


Where to Eat

There are numerous dining facilities in the resort, no need to worry if you ever find yourself hungry while roaming around. We ate our lunch at Le Poulet Roti, a cafe that offers tasty chicken dishes, generous serving, and reasonable prices.




colmar tropicale food
I can’t really remember if this is Classic Roast or Oriental Roast with beans as side dish


food colmar tropicale
Ayam Percik with steamed corn kernel as side dish

Other Things To Do/See

Le Chateau

The Le Chateau adjacent to Colmar Tropicale is also inspired by a castle in Alsace.The beautiful fountain with cranes located infront of Colmar is a gift from Alsace, France.

Japanese Village

Entrance Fee to the Japanese Village is already included in the ticket. After roaming around Colmar Tropicale and eating our lunch, we went to the Japanese Village. You need to ride the resort’s shuttle to reach the village.

japanese village
You need to climb the stairs and hike a little before reaching the village

japanese village

The Japanese Village is located 3,500 feet above sea level. This attraction is the first Japanese Village outside Japan. It features a serene and very relaxing environment.


japanese village colmar tropicale
zen garden

Tourists are allowed to participate in a tea ceremony and rent Japanese Kimono.



japanese village
Rent a kimono and have your picture taken in the Japanese Village.



There are other activities you can try in the resort such as roaming the Botanical Garden,  Adventure Park and  Animal Park. But for us, the tour in the Japanese Village took most of our time and we did not have time left to try the other activities.

To sum up, for our family a day tour in Colmar Tropicale is truly worth it. Although there is nothing much to do, the feeling of being in a place as beautiful as this gives enough self-fulfillment and travel memories that even kids can appreciate. This French-themed village is perfect for families with kids, photographers and Instagram fans. A unique and stunning attraction if you want a taste of Europe while in Asia.

Colmar Tropicale
KM48, Persimpangan Bertingkat Lebuhraya Karak
28750 Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang

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  1. Satyajeet says:

    Thank you. Very detailed explanation. I was confused about where to buy the tickets, but you made it clear for me. I will be going there tomorrow. 🙂

    • Min says:

      You’re welcome! Enjoy your trip:)

  2. Melai says:

    Wow! I was in Colmar, France about last October and I can say that they really look alike. I didn’t know that there’s something like this in Malaysia. It’s pretty! Is this near KL?

    • Min says:

      Hi, Melai! Thanks for reading.You’re right, this place is super pretty! It’s a little bit far from KL around 45 minutes to 1 hour travel time. 🙂

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