Diotay’s Eatery: The Best Seafood Experience in Bacolod

Diotay’s Eatery is a carinderia style restaurant in Bacolod that should be included in your itinerary when you are planning to visit the City of Smiles. It is a favorite among locals and is highly recommended to tourists especially those who prefer authentic seafood experience.

Diotay's Eatery

Diotay’s Eatery is  similar to “Dampa” here in Manila.  You  choose the seafood that you want and they will cook it for you according to your liking.

A wide array of fresh seafood is available. They have scallops, crabs, shrimps, squids, shellfish, and different types of fishes.

Diotay's Eatery

They also have chicken in skewers and Liempo ready for grilling.

skewered seafood

Inside the open restaurant, the area is very spacious and can accommodate quite a large number of diners.  We went there early around 5 pm that’s why most of the tables are unoccupied. From what I have read, Diotay’s Eatery gets really full and jam-packed during peak hours so it is best to time your visit to avoid the crowd.

If you are not comfortable in the open area, you may also opt to dine inside the air conditioned room (with additional charge of course).

Here’s what we had,

Grilled Scallops – A must try! Super tasty and deliciously grilled to perfection!

Calamares – We ordered this dish as per request of my daughter. The Calamares did not disappoint us because it is well cooked- crunchy on the outside yet the squid is soft and chewable. It tasted good, too!

Grilled Alatan Fish  – A very palatable seafood dish. Well seasoned and cooked just right!

Breakdown  (Dinner good for 3 pax) :
1 plate of Grilled Scallops                      Php 180
1 medium sized squid (Calamares)      Php 210
1 slice of Alatan Fish (grilled)                 Php 200
3 orders of rice (P18/order)                   Php  54
3 orders of soda (P28/bottle)                Php  84
TOTAL AMOUNT                                    Php 728

When in Bacolod, one should not miss this “Dampa/paluto” style restaurant. Service is fast, they have helpful and attentive staff, and the dishes are well cooked and so delicious!  As for the price? Well, not at all cheap BUT reasonably priced.

The seafood dining experience in Diotay’s Eatery is highly recommended!

Diotay’s Eatery
12th Gatuslao St., Bacolod (near the Provincial Capitol)

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