Fun Time at Club Manila East TayTay, Rizal

We wouldn’t let summer pass by without having a fun family getaway. Club Manila East (CME) is our top choice for this year because of it’s proximity and based on online reviews the resort has so  much to offer.


We left home around 8 in the morning and arrived at the resort before 10 AM. CME has a wide parking area available for all guests. From the entrance of the resort, we went inside the tinted  glass door at the left side.

Club Manila East Resort front

This is where we bought our tickets. A water proof wrist band is given after.

Club Manila East reception area

Updated rates are  posted inside the reception area. Discount for senior citizens are also honored here.

club manila east posted rates

Contrary to what we used to know, CME now allows bringing of food inside the resort. We were surprised when we saw people bringing their foods inside , and we were like, “Since when did they allow it?”. The lady in the reception informed us that the new policy of bringing food  was posted and updated in their Facebook account. They require that food must be packed properly and this policy is allowed until December 31,2016 only. We went there empty handed because we initially planned to buy foods inside the resort na lang. We ended up buying  food outside. We bought cooked rice, grilled chicken, fresh watermelon, some junk foods and tube ice.


Any kind of drinks, however is not allowed inside the resort. Before entering the resort, all bags are checked in this area. We brought bottled water and water in reusable container but they asked us to leave the water in the inspection area. I think this is their way of controlling alcoholic beverages to enter the premises. BUT ( a major disapproval over there) the price of the bottled water being sold inside is too pricey. Imagine (and please include this in your budget) a liter of bottled water cost Php40! With this kind of weather and if you are with big groups, it will cost you a few hundred bucks or more.


At the left side of the entrance, there’s this colorful stall.


Upon entering the resort, you will be greeted by this amazing view.



There’s a map  to help you to find you way inside the resort.



There are 3 types of accommodations to choose from for your day tour. The Cabana (Phpp 1500), Hut (Php 700) and the BeachView Cabins (Php700).  We chose the cheapest of course, the H03 DUHAT was assigned to us. This is a little bit far from the Kiddie pool, but the Shaded pool is right in front and the Bean pool is just nearby. Downside of getting a Hut is that you cannot leave your valuables unattended.


If you are with elderly or with children, I recommend you to choose this spot because the shower room/comfort room is just right behind it. Their shower room/ comfort room is huge and clean. No noted undesirable odor.


This is an example of their Cabana. It has more privacy and it has its own shower room and toilet. There is also a kitchen area inside.


I think these are Cabanas also.


After arranging our things inside the cottage, we roam around the place to see our options. The resort is well maintained and clean as shown in the pictures.





I spent most of my time at the kiddie pool watching over my daughter. Good thing there’s this signature mushroom like water fountain that served as my shield from the scorching heat of the sun. Lifeguards are everywhere so less worries.




While my daughter and I stayed at the kiddie pool, our companions chose to swim at the Bean Pool, which is less crowded.

Another fun activity to do in CME is boating in the kayak area. The queue of people is  always long but my sister managed to try this activity and she  had so much fun.


I think the major attraction of CME are the wave pools. We tried the Ocean Waves and we really had a great time! Just be reminded that the wave pools are only open for a certain time during the day. Here’s a copy of the schedule I got from their website.


Other amenities that we didn’t try are the Shaded Pool, Lap Pool, Adult Pool with Giant Slide. They also offer overnight accommodations.

Over all, we had fun in the resort.Club Manila East  is really the perfect place when you are looking  for a quick summer getaway. The place is accessible when you are living near the metro , has a lot of pools to choose from,  very safe with kids, and the rates are affordable. A place we  would love to return to.


For more information and their updated rates, visit their website or their Facebook account.

Website :
Facebook :
Address : Km. 24 Manila East Road Taytay, Rizal

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  1. Mav says:

    Its been years since the last time I’ve been to CME but it still looks well maintained.

    • Min says:

      Yes, the whole place looks pretty well maintained.