Ilagan Sanctuary, One of the Most Visited Tourist Attraction in Ilagan, Isabela

After our fun and enjoyable time in the Japanese Tunnel, the kids wanted very badly to swim so we decided to go to Ilagan Sanctuary, another major tourist attraction in Ilagan, Isabela.

Going there is a little bit difficult because the sanctuary is located about 15 kilometers away from the city proper. The sanctuary is inside the Fuyot Springs National Park, a protected area in Barangay Santa Victoria, Ilagan. We asked the staff of the Japanese Tunnel Food Court for the directions going to the sanctuary. They were kind enough to help us and they contacted someone they knew who can take us there. We hired the tricycle driver for Php 600.

Travel time from the Japanese Tunnel to Ilagan Sanctuary is about 40 minutes to 1 hour. Entrance fees cost Php 100 for adults and kids, Php 80 for senior citizens, inclusive of the use of swimming pools.

Pay the entrance fee here.
road going to the sanctuary

The park is clean and well maintained.

There is a man-made lake and numerous huts for picnics.

Ilagan Sanctuary offers many activities for nature lovers and adventurers. Some of the many activities that you can do here are the following:

  • bird viewing
  • horseback riding
  • boating and riding the¬†swan shaped canoes
  • riding the cable cars
  • 350 meter long zipline
  • visit the mini zoo
  • spelunking in Santa Victoria Caves
  • trek the Pinzal falls
  • visit the butterfly park
  • enjoy the numerous pools or the natural spring water pool
  • ATV ride

Since we have limited time, we settled in one of the huts near the pool area and the kids enjoyed their time in the swimming pool. During our visit, the pools were very crowded.

stalls near the pool area

We left the park at around 5pm because we needed to buy something for our travel back to Manila the following day. By the way, we asked Manong tricycle driver to wait for us since public transportation going back to the city proper is very difficult. So instead of the initial Php 600 that we had agreed upon, we just added a few hundred bucks.

Along the way, we passed by the Animal Kingdom and my brother requested that we should stop by for a while to check some of the animals inside the zoo.

And there we saw the biggest snake that we’ve ever seen – a python!

Everybody wanted to line up and have their photos taken with the giant snake.

While we did not fully explored the sanctuary, we enjoyed our time there. The kids were able to swim in the (crowded) pool and we were able to see the large Reticulated python in the mini zoo.

I think Ilagan Sanctuary is best enjoyed for a full day tour to maximize the activities inside the sanctuary.

When in Ilagan Isabela, Ilagan Sanctuary is a tourist attraction that should not be missed.

How to get there?
Option 1) Hire a tricycle driver to take you to the park
Option 2) Ride a van, bus, or jeepney going north and alight at Marana Junction. Hire a tricycle going to Ilagan Sanctuary (Php 150 roundtrip)