Rainbow Restaurant : A Great Place to Eat in Hanoi,Vietnam

As I have mentioned in my previous post, the location of Lakeside Palace Hotel – our chosen hotel in Hanoi is close to many shops and restaurants. So on our first day in Hanoi, we had a taste of Vietnamese food in Rainbow Restaurant.

Rainbow Restaurant is a no-frills dining place located in the same street as the hotel (Hang Hanh). I was not able to take a photo of the facade of the restaurant because we were so hungry when we went there. The restaurant is not air conditioned and there were tables outside but we choose to eat upstairs.

It turned out to be a good idea because from our chosen table, we can see locals and tourists passing by. The view is actually nice. There were a lot of dining options across the street.

Rainbow Restaurant

Rainbow Restaurant caters to both locals and tourists which is why they have extensive choices on their menu. You can order local dishes or Western foods like burgers, pizza and fries.

Here’s what we had:

Rainbow Restaurant Hanoi
Goi Du Du Tom (Green Papaya Salad) – VND 85,000
Ga Xien Nuong (Chicken Skewers/Satay) – VND 145,000
My Xao Bo/Hai (Noodles with Vegetables and Seafood) – VND 98,000
Ca Kho To (Vietnamese Braised Fish in Clay Pot) – VND 145,000
Sua Chua Hoa (Yogurt with mixed fruits) – VND 48,000

We also ordered Com Trang (steamed rice). For drinks my mom had Dua Hau Ep (watermelon juice) while we had the yogurt with fruits.

Notice the generous servings? We did not anticipate that the foods we ordered were in large portions, so we ended up with many leftovers which we requested for takeout.

We like everything we ordered but my personal favorite is the Papaya Salad. The dishes we ordered are well cooked and tasty except for the satay which is a little bit hard to chew.  We enjoyed our meal so much that we were too full after. They even gave us FREE dessert (Leche Flan).

We paid a total of  VND 632,000 ($30) for our delicious and satisfying lunch.

To sum up, we had a very nice lunch here. We enjoyed the food, service was fast, staff were friendly,  and portions are good for sharing. Next time I want to try their Vietnamese spring rolls.

Rainbow Restaurant is highly recommended for first time Hanoi travelers. We would definitely eat here again.

Rainbow Restaurant
37 Hang Hanh Hoan Kiem Hanoi

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